Nurses Nominee: Sonia Maria Balevre,RN, BSN, MSN, ASc.

  • 1 July 2013
  • admin

Title: Nursing Instructor

Organization: Chamberlain College of Nursing

Category: Inspiration

Number of years as a nurse: 26

I love being a nurse because: Thirty years ago, a nurse saved my life by saying “no.” She would not release me for surgery until all tests were in. When the blood work came back, my potassium was extremely low. If I had been given anesthesia, I would have risked a very severe cardiac problem. I love being an advocate for patients, and I teach new nurses to speak up for the right.

A special patient story: I cherish the patient stories which are created by my student nurses. During a clinical post conference, one student stated, “I made a difference today. A young woman was very depressed and tearful while talking with her, during the group session she appeared solemn and sad, but while playing games with her in a small group, she smiled and said “This is the happiest moment of my life that I can remember.” The student then realized, “You know? This is a happy day for me too!! I understand in a new way what nursing is really about!” This future extraordinary nurse will continue the tradition of making differences. That’s the best “special patient story” a nursing instructor could ever hope for!