Nurse Nominee: Mary Galvin, BSN, RN

  • 10 July 2013
  • admin

Name: Mary Galvin, BSN, RN

Title: Senior Admissions Nurse

Organization: Community Hospice of Northeast Florida

Category: Legacy

Number of years as a nurse: 37

I love being a nurse because: All nurses want to help people. That is why we go into the profession. My joy and satisfaction is hearing a patient or family member tell me that what I gave them has made a positive difference.

A special patient story: The real heroes are the families and friends who selflessly step up to care for their loved ones and the patients who face their futures with courage and dignity. One hero I encountered was a woman whose son had returned home, after being gone for many years, because he was terminally ill with HIV/AIDS. She was embarrassed, distraught with grief and felt inadequate to give her son the care that he needed. She was determined to be his caregiver. We spent a couple of hours going over how to provide for his physical needs and about her coping with the stigma of his illness and how it affected her faith. At the end of our time together she was smiling, gave me a huge hug and we stood in her living room as she prayed a prayer of thanks for our time together.