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  • 19 February 2014
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restore your peace

_By Emily Moody_

Staying healthy is important, but how you keep yourself healthy all depends on what is best for you.
We asked local Jacksonvillians what keeps them on top of their game… here's what a few had to say:

Liz Grebe - "Solid sleep."
Tara Sheehan - "Gluten and wheat free diet."
Dan Brown - "Vipassana meditation every morning."
Doug Coleman - “Believing in what you are doing.”
Jennifer Hewett-Apperson - “Sleep, good food and plenty of water. Avoiding toxic people who bring you down is also a good thing.”
Celino Dimitroff - “FUN!!! Keeps you young and healthy.”
Carmen Godwin - “Laying off booze for the month has made my energy level skyrocket.”
Lindsey Shante - “I don't go a day without using essential oils. Aromatherapy keeps me positive, energetic and my skin radiant.”
Olivia Foxworth - “Regular manicures and embracing passions regularly.”
Caroline Zwicker - “Laugh often. There's nothing more amazing than feeling happy. Everyone looks their best wearing a smile.”
Emilie Christenson - “Kiels avocado eye cream.”
Joanelle Wood Mulrain - “Hydrate; drink water like mad - this is key!”
George Cornwell - “Humility, integrity, selflessness.”
Sara Cantor Kavalieros - “Sleep, staying hydrated, eating lots of fresh veggies & fruit & spending restorative time outdoors. Slipping up on any of these makes me feel yucky!”
Cynthia Stutzman - “The creative outlet is my zen.”
Jason Braddock - “Cycling and jogging on a regular basis.”

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