Kid Tested, Mother Approved Snacks

  • 5 May 2014
  • admin


By Christi Elflein

Making sure our kids eat healthy foods (and us mom’s too) is one of our primary jobs as a mother. The easiest place to go astray in the healthy food department is with snacks. The key is to have plenty of healthy snack options that are easy to grab and within everyone’s reach. These are the six snacks I always have in stock:

Fruit – Piled high in a wicker basket on the kitchen table, fruit is the first food anyone sees when entering my kitchen. Apples, oranges, bananas or whatever is in season works. Mangos are dominating my basket today. If mom is coordinating the snack, slice up the apples and bananas and add peanut butter.

Nuts – A glass jar of pistachios sits on my countertop for easy handful grabs. Any kind of nut will do!

Granola – Sit a variety of granola bars on a low shelf in your pantry. You’ll be surprised at how fast they disappear. Or make your own granola trail mix with your kids. Start with a plain granola base and then let them add what they like such as dark chocolate pieces, dried fruit, nuts or even cereal.

Cheese – Cheese sticks are my five year old’s go-to-snack. Mozzarella string cheese, cheddar sticks, or a twisted combo can be found in the fridge drawer at her eye level. Blocks of gourmet cheese are tucked away in there too for me.

Yogurt – Yogurt is not just for the fridge. Try freezing the tube-shaped yogurts for a yogurt popsicle on a warm day.

Hummus – Homemade or store bought is up to you. I take the easy route and buy it from the grocery store. Hummus is perfect for dipping baby carrots, sliced cucumbers or crackers in.