Get a Move On

  • 10 February 2014
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office exercises
Keep the momentum in 2014

_By Kelsie Sandage_

Everyone is busy, but that shouldn’t stop you getting some fitness. Desk jockeys listen up; you can keep fit while holding down the fort behind your desk. Make 2014 your year that you stop making excuses and finally make a plan to fit working out into your busy schedule.

Use these tips to keep moving.
Leg Kicks – While sitting at your desk writing emails, researching information or organizing documents, scoot your seat back so that you can kick your legs straight out and then bring them back in. Sit your purse or a heavy book on your feet and slowly kick your legs out straight and slowly bring them back in for more weight. This exercise will work your calves and quads.
Arm Stretches – Also easy to do at your desk, do multiple sets of stretches by stretching your arms out to the side, bring them around in front of you and then reaching for the sky. With multiple sets, this aerobic exercise will help stretch out shoulder and back muscles that can be under tension while working at a computer and work your arm muscles as well.
Utilize your Lunch Break – If you have an hour lunch break, eat a healthy lunch in the first thirty minutes and then use the rest of the time to exercise. Thirty minutes of yoga, Pilates, running, walking or weight lifting will help motivate you throughout the day and help you recharge before the afternoon.
Plan to Exercise – If you plan your day out and make time for exercising it will help make it part of your routine. Exercise is not only important so that you stay physically healthy, it helps your mental wellness as well. Working out helps boost your mood by releasing endorphins. Regular exercise will help improve your days.

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