Flowers? Chocolate? Opt for adventure instead!

  • 10 February 2014
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couple in love

_By Kelsie Sandage_

You should express your love for those you care about every day, but Valentine’s day is a day marked expressly to celebrate that love. Commercial industries take advantage of consumers by marketing the products they sell year around specifically for Valentine’s Day. Instead of just buying a heart shaped box of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers, take your sweetie on an adventure around the First Coast.

Don’t know what to do? Use our list below of fun activities around the area to help inspire an adventure with your love.

Amelia Island/Fernandina
Ride horseback over the beach with "Kelly Seahorse Ranch": on 1st Coast Highway. Enjoy each other and this experience as you splash through the shore on the back of a beautiful horse.
Be unconventional and take your love on an "Amelia Island Trolleys Ghost Tours": to infuse some history into your day and see beautiful Fernandina Beach. Or if ghost tours aren’t up your ally, try a horse-drawn carriage ride through historic Fernandina Beach with "Horse-drawn Carriage Tours of Amelia Island": .
Fall more in love as you skydive with your daring sweetie at "Skydive Amelia Island":

Shake things up and take a dance class together. Jacksonville has a large variety of dance studios depending on what type you would like to learn. Some examples from around the area, "Happy Feet Dance Studios": on the Westside of Roosevelt Blvd., "Fred Astaire Dance Studios": in the north Arlington area, or "A Social Affair Dance Studios": off of Beach Blvd. near Hodges Blvd.
Make waves with your Valentine when you spend a day kite-boarding through the shore of Jacksonville Beach when you visit "North Florida Kiteboarding":
Paintballing is a fun way to work as a team with the one you adore, or get competitive and play against each other. Whoever loses, buys dessert. Visit a "Paintball Adventures": park around the Jacksonville area.

St. Augustine
Get wild with your sweetie! Be daring and zip line across a pit of reptilian beasts during your visit to "St. Augustine’s Alligator Farm Zoological Park":
Explore the deep blue sea with your Valentine when you take scuba lessons in St. Augustine with "iDive Florida": or "Sea Hunt Scuba": After you receive certification, perhaps you two can then explore the depths, have a hobby together and maybe see old sunken ships off the St. Augustine coast.
Be pirates for a day and night with a stay at "St. Augustine’s Pirate Haus Inn": Enjoy you flashback in history and don’t forget to share some run with your love.

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