365 Days of Resolution

  • 17 December 2013
  • admin

_By Shannon Pulusan_
2014 is a brand new year, a fresh start on the calendar and the beginning of 365 days of resolution—at least, that’s what most of us tell ourselves. Often times the vigor of the New Year dissolves after returning from holiday vacation. With back-to-work worries and stress overcastting ideals, you can just forget about working off the Christmas roast and sweet pumpkin pie (you had more than one slice!).

Before falling into the tradition of short-lived New Year’s resolutions, make it this year’s priority to not give up—“1. I will not procrastinate every resolution on this list. I will not make 2015 an excuse for delaying efforts or recycle unfulfilled goals for another year.”

Here are some tips to help you stick to your 2014 game plan:
1. Be realistic: When setting your New Year’s resolution, set reasonable standards. You know yourself better than anyone else. Don’t gauge your weight loss plan according to an athlete’s personal plan. And of course, be realistic. Can you accomplish all your goals in that amount of time? Can you really plan to win the lottery in 2014?
2. Support group: your biggest fans. Share and exchange goals with a designated group of friends, co-workers and family. Having a support group can encourage you to be persistent with your goals. Set specific times to meet up and keep one another updated with progress. You’ll not only impress yourself but others too.
3. Partner up: If you have a friend with similar goals as you, partner up. Whether you make a Workout Buddy or an aspiring Bookworm, it’s comforting to have someone who can relate to the stress of maintaining goals. And when the goal is finally met, you’ll have someone to celebrate with.
4. Think ahead: Gauge your progress by making a schedule for your goals and resolutions—“By the end of winter, I will have saved x amount of money/I will have lost x lbs/I will have finished x pages for my novel/etc.” This will keep you conscious about your goals throughout the year rather than concentrating your effort whenever it’s convenient.
5. Counter your weakness: Plan for the worst case scenario during your journey. Write yourself a note or even a full-length letter to your weak self. Assure yourself about the importance of this goal and how the effort is worth it. Be harsh, critical and funny to regain confidence.
6. Reward yourself: Treat yourself every now and again for making progress. You deserve it with your small victories, but leave the big celebration for the end of the year!

_Photo Courtesy hin255 from digitalphotos.net._